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Our education and heritage missions are complementary and mutually supportive. By bringing the walled garden at Harlaxton Manor, one of Britain’s most significant heritage assets, to a wider audience we can simultaneously: reimagine our academic programs and enhance the student experience; provide opportunities for enhanced community engagement and participation; increase biodiversity and reduce our environmental impact; provide local employment and local business opportunities; and provide access and activities for people of all ages whose mental and physical health can be improved by connecting to nature.

The Walled Garden Project will be a fitting milestone in the University’s stewardship of Harlaxton College. It will simultaneously celebrate the last 50 years and look forward towards a century of growth by ensuring Harlaxton remains ever more relevant and compelling to future generations of students, a resource for the local community and sustainable for the University as a whole.

Volunteering Opportunities

We envisage several opportunities for local community groups and volunteers to help us shape the project at an early stage, help us bring the project to life and help us achieve our vision of a restored Walled Garden which is embedded in our academic programming, serves as a local community resource, and excels as a unique visitor destination.

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We are currently fundraising for the project. If you are interested in supporting the Walled Garden Project in this way, please make a donation to the University of Evansville

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